Rick Kirschner

Origin: United States

Dr. Kirschner is a best selling author, including the international bestseller, ‘Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst,’ (in 3 revised editions and 26 languages); ’Love Thy Customer,’ ‘Life By Design,’ ‘How To Click With People,’ and the comprehensive communication audio program, ‘Insider’s Guide To The Art of Persuasion.’

Dr. Kirschner counts among his clients many of the world’s best known organizations, such as American Greetings, Heineken, Kraft, McDonalds, NASA, Starbucks, Texas Instrument etc.. He’s been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television programs, including CNBC, FOX and CBC. His ideas are found in newspapers and magazines including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal etc.