The Digital Marketing Workshop

with Jeff Bullas   |   #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer

Recognized By Forbes

“Top 20 Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers”

“Top 20 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter”

24 & 25 OCTOBER

Hilton Singapore

Why Every Manager Should Attend This Course At Least Once.

With over 5 billion potential customers on the internet today, Every business is either already on the web or thinking about jumping on the digital marketing and social media bandwagon to hopefully capture some of this digital magic dust to sell more product, enhance brand capital or enhance share value.

Yet despite significant expenses and effort, over 90% of companies are not optimising their social media investments. Simply put, digital marketing changes every week and the skills required, encompasses a wide spectrum of roles in social media, content, communities etc, well beyond what traditional marketers are used to.

Managers of all types need to commit time to learn & understand the fundamentals of the web technologies, the culture and communities that support social media and  the direct impact these will have on the desired results they wish to achieve with their digital marketing efforts.

Gain All The Digital Marketing Skills in 1 Workshop

This is a one stop training where you will gain a disciplined & structured approach to every touch point in Digital marketing to successfully drive digital marketing in your company.

Specifically you will;

Learn the expert strategies companies like Amazon, IBM, Coca Cola, American Express, & Facebookfor a fraction of the time & investment.

Gain a snapshot of the new digital marketing landscape & the familiarization of the ecosystem crucial to succeeding.

Put yourself in the mindset required for business success in a digital world.

Design and build a digital platform that works – Built for sharing and subscribers

Learn how to use content to build & compounds trust, influence & growth

Harness the power of social media for building brand awareness.

Understand the key tactics for email marketing mastery

Get insights on how to use search engines for your business

Learn the top tactics for using effective digital advertising

Harness the power of conversion and analytics and get more from what you have with testing, data and optimization

Grow a vocal community that will be loyal and amplify your brand

Your Globally Recognized Digital Marketing Expert.

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas


Listed on ForbesTop 20 Influencers of Chief Marketing Officers (CMO)” 2017

Ranked by AP Research “Top 20 Influencers of Digital Marketers in the USA” – 2016

On Appinions “#1 ‎Content Marketing Influencer from 6M+ daily web updates” – 2015

Featured in’s “20 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter” – 2015

Ranked #8 on ForbesThe World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent” – 2014

#1 Global “Digital Marketing Influencer” – 2016

Jeff is an author, marketer and international keynote speaker and works with global & local businesses to optimize their digital brand with content, social media and digital marketing.

He has built an annual audience of millions of visitors a year and over half a million Twitter followers. His mission: “Inspire and educate people to win at business and life in a digital world”.

Every Company Should Attend a Digital Marketing Workshop.

Keep up with the latest technological trends

Digital marketing is constantly changing. For instance, Facebook has decreased Facebook’s organic reach by 50%. This means that if you were able to reach 12 out of 100 fans previous, you can now only reach 6.

These changes impact how companies should allocate their advertising funds (i.e. spend more on social media or content marketing?) and which channels they should use (i.e. use LinkedIn or Twitter?).

Learn to integrate different digital marketing programs

Digital marketing programs don’t work in silos. They need to be integrated in order to achieve optimized performance.

For example, you have to utilize social media marketing and pay-per-paid advertising to increase traffic and split-testing to convert visitors to customers.

Without integrating different digital marketing tactics, you will only succeed in one side of the equation (i.e. getting lots of web traffic) but fail in another (i.e. turning visitors into buying customers). This as a result will waste your advertising dollars.

Take digital marketing in-house

Companies often don’t want to outsource their digital marketing because they want to attempt it themselves. That said, existing managers do not often have the specialized skills to optimize their efforts in digital marketing

Digital marketing training workshops are cost-effective courses that let managers or business owners gain in-depth knowledge on a variety of digital tools to run and integrate digital marketing programs in-house and bond with experienced professionals. It’s also an easy way to learn about the latest technological trends, how they impact your brand, and how you should adapt to them.

High Praise. Every time. All The Time

“Jeff has a dynamic presentation style that balances actionable insights and illustrative stories. He is exceptionally engaging and provides the audience with great tips for how to master the art of content marketing. Jeff is amazing to work with and I highly recommend him as a speaker, author and above all, as a thought leader.”


Ryan Bonnici

Senior Director of Marketing, HubSpot

I was honored to host Jeff Bullas for his first-ever US speaking engagement and he was one of our most popular speakers at “Social Slam”– a tremendous hit. Jeff has a very practical, accessible style that resonates with an audience. He is a natural teacher and storyteller!

Dylan King

Founder & Conference Director, Keynote Media

We decided to approach Jeff Bullas kick off with a talk on navigating social media in today’s complex business environment. Jeff not only asked all of the right questions beforehand about the audience.. but also prepared an engaging presentation that was highly visual, full of real life examples, provided absolute clarity around the key issues.

Phillipa Spork

Director, Blue Sky Engagement

“Jeff Bullas is a rare kind of speaker. He is passionate about social media..a global leader on the topic..If you want deep insights, heaps of value and someone who is an expert on the topic of social media I couldn’t recommend Jeff more highly.”
Craig Badings

Partner, Cannings Corporate Communications

Full Agenda – Day 1

Day 1

Session 1   Introduction

The digital marketing ecosystem – A snapshot of the new marketing landscape. Discover the art and science of needed as a modern marketer.


Session 2  The digital entrepreneurs mindset

Understand the mindset required for business success in a digital world.

Design and build a digital platform that works – Built for content, sharing and revenue.


Session 3   Content

Writing – An overview of the art of writing great content and copywriting from 140 character tweets to emails and eBooks.

Images – Tools and tactics for creating visual

content for impact, sharing and brand building

Video – YouTube, Facebook “Live and Periscope.

Storytelling – from bland and forgotten to creative and memorable.


Session 4  Traffic

Traffic is essential for making your content visible and effective.

Social media marketing for traffic  – Organic and paid tactics for brand building and more.

Search marketing for traffic – Organic and paid marketing tactics to make search engines work for your business while you sleep.

Full Agenda – Day 2

Day 2

Session 5     Conversion

This is where the credibility, trust and traffic are converted to leads and sales.

The online sales process – The key steps to convert attention to sales

Conversion and analytics – technology, tools and tactics for optimal conversion

Email marketing – Grow and get an ROI from your email list


Session 6   Communities and Tribes

After selling you need to build a tribe of loyal advocates. This is the Holy Grail.

Building global online communities and tribes that keep coming back and buying.

Collaborating to amplify sales


Session 7   Advanced tactics and trends

Insights into some advanced tactics.

The emerging trends you need to know to keep you ahead of your competition.

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