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Become A Confident Public Speaker To Any Audience, On Any Topic & On Any Day!


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How It’s Different & Why It Works.

At work we are often required to present our ideas, solutions or services to colleagues or clients. Delivering client sales pitches, making presentations to senior managers or contributing to formal meetings can all be daunting experiences even when you are confident in your material.

You’re about to learn the skills you need to communicate your ideas clearly and  persuasively when presenting or speaking in public. You’ll find out what it takes to organize your ideas and communicate clearly without the clutter of useless words and complex visuals.

You’ll learn to understand your audience’s perspectives, and define what you want them to learn. Plus, you’ll discover how to use your life experiences to tell stories, and create compelling visuals to support your presentation.

Become A Confident Public Speaker To Any Audience. Gain Powerful Presentation Skills As You Learn;

Learn how to feel comfortable with your body, face, and voice & elimiate nerves for good

Discover new ways to connect with your audience every single time through speaking rhythm, vocal emphasis, eye-contact, and body language.

Deploy powerful techniques to boost your creativity and help you generate ideas, craft a story, and create a compelling presentation.

Learn How to create visuals that clarify, enhance, and strengthen your presentation.

Master storytelling principles to bring to life even the driest of topics and engage your audience

Bring an authentic approach that is reflective of your personality to every presentation

Develop a clear framework for structuring to your presentation

Practice unique improvisational acting exercises to help you think on your feet

Create specific objectives for both written and verbal communications

Discover new ways to use clear, logical communication to motivate others.

Collaborate on problem-solving exercises, create and revise assignments, and learn constructive ways to deliver and receive feedback through peer critiques.

Take home best-practice principles and hands-on accelerated-learning techniques with real-life, practical skills you can use immediately.

Full 1 Day Training Agenda

Developing a presence

Through a series of physical and verbal exercises, participants will learn to feel comfortable with their physical presence, project and enunciate their words correctly, and engage the audience with pacing, emphasis, eye-contact, and other public speaking skills.

Participants will engage in fun, challenging, and insightful exercises designed to help them focus on how they look and sound to their audience.


Developing Your self-awareness

Listening Skills –learn to focus on the audience

Spontaneous Thinking –know their content, field questions, and handle disruptions

Improvisation Structures –use creative problem-solving skills

Body Language –the effects of non-verbal communication

The Power of Sounds –build a strong voice and use inflection well

Two-minute presentations –distill ideas to a key message


Planning the Presentation

Participants will use Brainstorming, Outlining, and Communicating skills to plan and create a compelling presentation.

Working in groups participants will:

• Assess their audience

• Create a story line

• Outline their presentation

• Write the presentation draft

• Learn how to rehearse effectively


The Power of Visual Support

Most presenters rely on visual support –often PowerPoint slides or other computer-based programs.

Unfortunately, most presenters don’t understand how to use their visual correctly. This results in boring, tedious,and confusing presentations.

Learn how to create visuals that clarify, enhance, and strengthen their oral presentation.


Participants will learn:

• What PowerPoint is good for. And how not to use it

• How to develop a slide presentation that moves smoothly

• Ways to use visuals to illustrate your story


Making That Confident Presentation

Participants will harness the knowledge & feedback vested over the day to develop a presentation and deliver them in a private & safe learning environment.


Your Expert Trainer From the United States.

John Sturtevant

John Sturtevant

John has a 30-year career as an award-winning business writer. He also taught required core-curriculum business writing courses at Harvard Business School (HBS), and was Professor of Business Communication at The European School of Economics.

John has helped thousands of business people around the world learn to think analytically and communicate persuasively. He is a top-rated trainer for companies throughout the world.

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