Engaging & Persuading Citizens & Stakeholders

In The Public Service

21 & 22 April, 2021

The Mandarin Orchard

Engaging & Persuading A Post-Covid Citizenry

As Singapore’s public service has evolved from a “government-to-you” to a “government-with-you” approach, individual ministries and agencies have a vital part to play in ensuring the success of citizen engagement efforts.

With the proliferation of social media platforms, and evolution of the Singaporean mindset,  citizens and stakeholders alike expect to be engaged and persuaded with clarity and empathy. Central to this goal is avoiding one-sided instructional writing, dropping the use of jargon and really learning how to communicate from the “citizens’ perspective” to engage and persuade—on every platform.

How It’s Different & Why It Works.

In this intensive workshop public officers at every level will learn how to engage and persuade citizens and stakeholders on issues that matter and are consequential to their personal lives.

You will learn to size up your target audience, project empathy, and connect with them. You will learn how to craft a clear and concise message to engage and get your message across. Finally, you will explore a variety of techniques to persuade others through grassroots dissemination, community engagement, written proposals, formal presentations, and face-to-face conversations.

15 Benefits You Will Experience

Develop a clear, compelling and persuasive message free of tedious and distracting jargon.

Determine the types of influence you have & how to leverage on them 

Discover how to apply persuasion techniques to any audience, in any scenario – right-away

Familiarize yourself with a variety of persuasion techniques and discover how citizens interpret and buy into your words.

Learn of new ways to tap into your own experiences a to develop a unique voice that resonates with Singaporeans.

Build a compelling story that will engage your target citizens.

Master a variety of persuasive techniques to produce authentic campaigns, proposals, emails and more.

Think analytically about the social benefits from the citizen’s point of view.

Develop active listening skills to understand your audience and the citizen’s mindset.

Learn how to frame alternatives to get more buy in to your ideas and solutions.

Apply the power of mental imagery and stories to better engaging your stakeholders.

Unleash your inner voice & speak directly to the average Singaporean’s needs and wants.

Experience thought-provoking exercises that will delve into your audience’s mindset and discover what it takes to engage & persuade!


Day 1 Training Agenda

Day 1

1. Introduction
Influence, persuasion, and engagement
Ten infallible keys of persuasion

We look at some distinctions between hard and soft power, influence and persuasion, and some fundamental principles of persuasion, illustrated with stories.

2. Developing Your Message
Golden and Platinum Rules
Who is your target?
Jargon, slang, the Queen’s English, and the Plain English Movement
Your objective
Elements of a persuasive message
The ACI Formula
 – Attention
 – Clarity
 – Impact

Changing minds: developing a campaign

Developing and delivering a message is central to any persuasion effort. Knowing your audience and objective, often overlooked, lays the foundation for crafting a clear, memorable, and impactful message. Major initiatives often require a campaign rather than a single persuasion technique, and we explore the requirements of an effective campaign. Participants will have the opportunity to sketch out a campaign using these techniques. 

Day 2 Training Agenda

Day 2

3. The Art and Science of Persuasion 

Cialdini’s Seven Weapons of Influence
Commitment and consistency
Social proof and norms
What is the problem?
Mind the gap
The dynamics of choice
The nudge
The Yesable Proposition

A deep dive into a variety of persuasion techniques, with local examples, case studies, and practical demonstrations. This section draws on the work of Ariely, Cialdini, Fisher, Kahneman and Tversky, Schwartz, Sunstein and Thaler.

4. The Language of Persuasion
The magic of words
Jargon, slang, the Queen’s English, and the Plain English Movement
The beauty of no, and how to overcome it
Rhetorical devices
Persuasive words and concepts
Active and empathetic listening
Power words
Active voice
The citizen’s mindset: policy, favors, and goodwill
Using stories to position, engage, and persuade
Discovering your true voice  

We explore a variety of language and rhetorical devices to make you more persuasive. What no really means, and how to overcome it. Towards a deeper understanding of the citizen’s mindset. The persuasive power of passion, authenticity, and conviction.

Your Engagement & Persuasion Expert

David Goldwich

David Goldwich

An engaging and award-winning speaker of 25 years, David has taught 1000s of professionals & organizations on how to become more influential, compelling, and irresistibly persuasive in both the private & public sectors. Prior to teaching, David practiced law in the United States arguing before judges and political, government, and community bodies. 

With a passion for challenging the status quo, David has a pragmatic & facilitative style of delivery which enlivens his sessions through the use of stories and humour, He inspires participants to take action and experience real change when working with him.

David knows how to persuade the toughest audiences and has taught at the tertiary level in the United States and around the world. He is also the author of four books and numerous articles in his field of expertise. David speaks internationally and conducts workshops in negotiation, persuasive business presentations, storytelling for leaders and sales professionals, and other areas of influence and persuasion.

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Engaging & Influencing Stakeholders & Citizens In The Public Service

21 & 22 APRIL

The Mandarin Orchard

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