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“Dr. Rick is a multi-talented professional who understands communication at a level beyond the ordinary"

"In a field full of passionate people, Rick not only rises above the rest but does it with a bottomless depth of content and expertise"

9 & 10 JULY  |  Hilton Singapore

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Do you have problems with people at work or at home?

They could be a co-worker, boss, customers, client, friend or family. Difficult people are found in every single workplace or home, and come in every variety that you can imagine. From pushy people to unreliable ‘yes’ people, hard to pin down ‘maybe’ people, show offs, whiners and nay sayers!

Difficult people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. Whether its negativity, cruelty or just plain craziness, difficult people drive your brain into a stressed-out state that should be avoided at all costs.

Dr. Kirschner co-wrote the bestselling book about solving them!

Based on one of the world’s best-selling Dealing with Difficult Books and led by its co-author Dr. Rick Kirschner, with 40 years of specialist knowledge on dealing with conflict. This 2 day training program will be an exceptional once in a life time opportunity to gain motivating insights and strategic responses for dealing with and influencing people, even when they are at their worst.

These insider secrets of persuasion will help you unlock your own creativity; enhance your communication skills and effectiveness to gain engagement and commitment in the people around you. And you will find the inspiration to do the important work today that builds better relationships for tomorrow.

Direct From USA – 1 Session in Singapore

Based on an International bestselling book, “Dealing With People You Can’t Stand”, and exclusively delivered by the co-author, Rick Kirshner, You will;

>> Gain All the essential elements of influencing anybody

>> Get the highest quality information from people in the least amount of time

>> Find a deeper listening strategy for moving past obstacles and excuses

>> Learn how to present your ideas for impact and influence

>> Discover specific step by step strategies proven effective for dealing with pushy, negative, disruptive and vague people.

>> Recognize the 10 most difficult behaviors (what they are, why they are, and what to do about them!)

>> Gain Insights into what actually motivates people, what they care about and why, and how to speak to those motivations in order to engage and persuade

>> Acquire a set of strategies useful in the worst interpersonal situations

>> Learn to identify and understand your own conflict behavior

>> Become skilled at turning conflict into cooperation, resolution and results

>> Develop your ability to establish or regain credibility and authority

>> Understand how to ‘package’ information for maximum impact

>> Know how people change their minds in stages, and what to do first, 2nd and last

>> Learn how to control the influence others have over you

>> Discover the nature of stress in relationships and how to deal with it effectively

Your International Best Selling Author & Expert Trainer From the United States.

Dr. Rick Kirschner

Dr. Rick Kirschner

Dr. Kirschner is a best selling author, including the international bestseller, ‘Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst,’ (in 3 revised editions and 26 languages); ’Love Thy Customer,’ ‘Life By Design,’ ‘How To Click With People,’ and the comprehensive communication audio program, ‘Insider’s Guide To The Art of Persuasion.’

Dr. Kirschner counts among his clients many of the world’s best known organizations, such as American Greetings, Heineken, Kraft, McDonalds, NASA, Starbucks, Texas Instrument etc.. He’s been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television programs, including CNBC, FOX and CBC. His ideas are found in newspapers and magazines including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal etc.

America’s 1# Best-Selling Author in Dealing With Difficult People

“In a field full of passionate people, Rick not only rises above the rest but does it with a bottomless depth of content and expertise.


Dr. Rick is a multi-talented professional who understands communication at a level beyond the ordinary. His engaging professional presentation abilities are surpassed only by his compassion and understanding of the human condition

“Within a couple of minutes, you somehow turned a very solemn audience to laughter at the difficult people they deal with daily, shifting them again by the end of the session to deep reflection on effecting meaningful change with their lives.


“Everyone I spoke to came away from your program with renewed energy and a clearer sense of purpose and commitment. You clearly made a difference in our lives.”

“Best educational program in the conference! Great presenter, good diction, clear voice, informative!”


“For the third year, the feedback forms say “Bring Rick back!” Your versatility continues to impress me and,as usual, your humor, warmth, and sensitivity to the group wins hearts and respect.”

“I have seen and heard countless presentations. Yours was one of the very few I can recommend for virtually any audience. You have the unique ability not only to capture the central issues we face in both our organizational and family lives, but also to identify useful directions for action. Many, many thanks for your wit and wisdom.”

2 Day Training Agenda

Day 1
Session 1
Resolving Your Own Bad Reactions

4 choices for dealing with bad behavior
The role of limiting and useful assumptions in conflict
The mental martial art of Aikido
A strategy for breaking the chains of reaction

Session 2
Basic Skills to Quickly Gain Cooperation

Blending - How To Send Signals of Similarity
The Lens of Understanding into intention and style
A simple strategy for Listening to Understand
A simple strategy for Speaking to be Understood

Session 3
Strategies for dealing with the Ten Most Unwanted
Know It All
Think They Know It All

Session 4
Strategies for dealing with the Ten Most Unwanted (continued)

Yes People
No People
Maybe People
Nothing People

There will opportunities for Q & A throughout the day

Day 2
Session 5
Useful definitions

Understanding Attitude, Influence, Persuasion
Designing your Persuasion Proposition

Session 6
Accessing The Deep Structure

9 Information Gates and how to get through them
Find the MAP
Kirschner’s Motivational Model
Positions: Strong, weak, opposition

Session 7
Principles, Signals and Guides

2 Listening Modes
3 Receiving Zones
4 Possible Outcomes
5 Stages of Change
7 Signals

Session 8
Principles, Signals and Guides (continued)

7 Signals
8 Rhetorical guides
Putting it all together
There will opportunities for Q & A throughout the day

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9 & 10 JULY, 2018


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