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Prior Legal Knowledge Not Required.

Non-Legal Managers are increasingly involved in the task of negotiating and signing contracts. A lack of training and acute awareness of every legal angle has consequent repercussions, including excessive legal costs, delays and unacceptable risks.

This workshop is designed to provide a detailed overview of a full contract cycle, from its inception, preparation, right through to its execution and finally completion – You will be quickly familiarized with contract law & its implications, followed by the skills to thoroughly understand and draw up effective commercial contracts. PLUS, real life scenarios, best practices and essential dos & don’ts – DIRECTLY RELATABLE to your own contracts and legal obligations back at work to serve & protect your business’s unique legal interests
– All in 2 Days.

How It’s Different & Why It Works.

Drawing on decades of multinational corporate legal leadership & private practice experience, your legal quandaries & worries will be promptly settled by the assured direction and education of the full legal spectrum by a true legal expert with an emphasis on the on practical application of contracts in this complete & comprehensive 2 day session

Gain Powerful Legal Awareness in 2 Days

Gain a practical commercial understanding of contract law delivered in layman terms
Ensure the contract meets your needs & better manage your business risks
Rapidly find problematic clauses in contracts before making a commitment
Understand & apply effective pre-contractual negotiations & deal structuring
Execute an effective agreement with a clear understanding of the key terms, language and layout of a commercial contract
Understand important transactions & real intentions from the point of view of the client and other parties involved
Apply the various terms of a contract in the context of the circumstances, purpose and the industry that it is intended fo
Be appraised of the remedies available to parties in the contract of the circumstances
Minimize negotiation deadlocks
Reduce legal costs by working more efficiently with your lawyers, cutting the time your lawyers need to use.

Your Expert Trainer

Daniel Ho

Daniel Ho

Daniel Ho is the founder director of Summit Law Corporation specializing in local and regional corporate commercial matters (including operational agreements and contracts, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures) as well as intellectual property and estate law.
Daniel has over 20 years of extensive experience in both private and legal practice. He was previously appointed as Senior Vice President, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer of Manulife (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and had also served as regional in-house counsel for U.S. MNCs (such as Texas Instruments Inc. and Caltex / Chevron Ltd) and other listed companies based in the Asia Pacific.
Possessing a deep understanding of country specific legal cultures and practices, Daniel has a strong track record of delivering balanced and timely legal advice in highly pressurized environments with achievement of business objectives in mind.
Daniel is effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, with experience in reviewing legal documentation and contracts in Chinese. Qualifications: Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the National University of Singapore in 1988.

High Praise. Every time. All The Time

Daniel gives clear explanation of
the concepts and materials covered and is patient to explain & address participants questions, making sessions and cases interesting using layman



Manager , Cargill Asia Pacific

Daniel makes something like legal
to be interesting and fun!

Regional Director , NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Daniel is very knowledgeable and
has provided valuable information
throughout the training

Chief Operating Officer , Mid-Continent Equipment Group

“Gain An Important Life Skill In This Program”

Vice President, Government Investment Corporation of Singapore (GIC)

Very comprehensive course material and trainer is very engaging when conducting the workshop.


Senior Sales Manager , LEWA Nikkiso

Well structured course and easy to
understand for layman.

Deputy General Manager , Fuji SMBE Technology

Day 1 Training Agenda

Day 1


The basics


– Pre-contract documents
– Negotiations – “subject to contract”
– Making the contract
– Standard terms and the “battle of the forms”
– Consideration
– Other formal requirements

 Session 3   CONTRACT INTERPRETATION– Interpreting express terms
– Terms implied by law
– Unfair terms

Session 4

– Parties
– Recitals
– Denitions
– Term and termination
– Payment
– Performance of service
– Standards of service
– Change control
– Duties of customer and supplier
– Warranties
– Intellectual property rights
– Indemnities

– Limitation of liability
– Boilerplate
– Execution
– Schedules

Day 2 Training Agenda

Day 2


– Creating third-party rights

– Excluding third-party rights

concepts found in the annual reports of listed companies and what it means to them.

You will acquire skills and obtain answers to the following questions:

·What is the difference between a Group and a Company?

·What is the difference between subsidiaries and associates?

·What is goodwill and impairment?


– Changing the parties

– Changing the agreement


– How do you force them to perform? Can you?

– How do you end the contract? Can you?

– Do you want to give them another chance? – Some practical considerations

– Damages – extent of


Participants will engage in a case study, applying and developing the principles

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