Clear Writing In The Public Service

"John teaches you not just how to write, but how to think and communicate effectively with anyone"

Liaison Manager × Prime Minister's Office

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Deputy Director × HDB 

"This Workshop teaches you critical thinking & question skills applicable in every situation"

Manager × Civil Service College

"Gain powerful & practical insights you do not get in formal education"

Executive × Government Investment Corporation of Singapore

"Most relevant & definitely worthy lifelong investment for business, work & life"

Deputy Director × HDB

This has to be the most valuable workshop I have ever attended"

Manager × Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

"Pack full of ideas & concepts I can apply at work"

Manager × URA

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F1 Manager × Singapore Tourism Board


"If you want to think clearly & write what you mean, this workshop is for you!

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Director × Singapore Management University





"John shapes your thinking rather then telling you, it is quite a special class"

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"This workshop will open your eyes to new and innovative ways to capture & retain your reader's attention"

Deputy Director Marcoms × Our Tampines Hub





"Insightful & Really Useful"

Manager × Prime Ministers Office





"John is very engaging & relatable. You will change your perspectives in what goes in your emails, proposals & presentations"

Associate Director × People's Association





"Thought provoking. John encourages us to re-think how we write to others"

Senior Comms Manager × National University Polyclinics • NUHS





"John is very engaging & relatable. You will change your perspectives in what goes in your emails, proposals & presentations"

AD × People's Association





"Very creative way of conducting a writing course"

Manager × Ministry of Manpower





"Absolutely Recommended!"

Deputy Director × Ministry of Law





"This workshop will benefit anyone who has to write or read anything"

Head, Human Capital Development × MINDEF





"John is awesome! His class is insightful and encourages you to think in unconventional ways!"

Journalist × MINDEF





"John teaches us to convey & communicate effectively with anyone"

SAE × Ministry of Home Affairs





"Excellent! Like a breath of fresh air! Fun, informative instruction from a very engaging facilitator"

3P Partnerships × Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources





"This is definitely worth your time! Recommended!"

Manager × Ministry of Communications





"Clear Writing is Excellent, Engaging & Effective!!"

Assistant Director × Ministry of Communications

"John is Amazing! This workshop is worth attending"

Assistant Manager × JTC

"A very effective program. Learn how to write winning emails and proposals"

Manager × Insolvency & Public Trust Office





"Everyone should attend this class at least once"

Executive Manager × iMDA

"Address the core of every problem in our daily communications with citizens & stakeholders"

Manager × Health Science Authority

"Persuade people to do the things you need them to for you"

Manager × EDB

"A writing course unlike anything else in Singapore! New ideas & perspective"

HR Manager × Capitaland

9 & 10 November, 2020

15 / 20 Seats

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S$1895 nett

How It’s Different & Why It Works.

When we write in business, we typically want convince others to do something. The fact is, people read only what is of interest to them – whether it’s a marketing brochure, email, or report, or proposal. That’s why your writing needs to be active, relevant, and compelling to your reader. However, most business writing programs are passive & do not do this.

The Clear in Public Service & Life Workshop is based on a highly-acclaimed business writing course John taught at Harvard Business School for first-year MBA candidates. John is flown into Singapore from the United States once a year to conduct this course.

Clear in Public Service & Life is the result of Clear Thinking. This top-rated program provides an uncomplicated and yet profoundly effective methodology, (not found in any other business writing course today), that allows you to quickly shed ineffective writing habits and communicate significantly better across every conceivable platform of business communication – even in face-to-face communication. You will learn and practice insightful and practical methods for capturing your reader’s attention, and persuading people to actually take desired action toward your objectives.

Your Expert Trainer From the United States.

John Sturtevant

John Sturtevant

John has a 30-year career as an award-winning business writer. He also taught required core-curriculum business writing courses at Harvard Business School (HBS), and was Professor of Business Communication at The European School of Economics.

John has helped thousands of business people around the world learn to think analytically and communicate persuasively. He is a top-rated trainer for companies throughout the world.

High Praise. Every time. All The Time

“Gain An Important Life Skill In This Program”

Vice President, Government Investment Corporation of Singapore (GIC)

Extremely Valuable! Will fundamentally change the way we communicate with clients & colleagues and get things done more effectively

Director, National Arts Council

Impressive shift of the business communications paradigm. Executives need to learn to get to the point – and clearly. They will learn this skill in this course.

Head, A*STAR

“Gain An Important Life Skill In This Program”

Vice President, Government Investment Corporation of Singapore (GIC)

A powerful workshop featuring effective tools and concepts to enhance writing communications right away

Senior Manager, Singtel

A refreshingly different approach and perspective to writing and communicating effectively to your business audience!

Senior Scientist, Health Sciences Authority

This is an eye-opening course that provides valuable insight on writing and thinking skills. The material is very thought-provoking.

Managing Advisor, Merrill Lynch

This is the best writing program I’ve ever been to. I learned so many new ways to avoid being a passive writer!

Manager , Hewlett Packard

Clear Benefits

Unique Features

Gain a powerful and effective communications methodology that helps you discard tedious, time-consuming writing habits you’ve developed since childhood.

Obtain analytical thinking techniques developed at Harvard Business School that facilitate clear, reader-focused writing.

Ask probing, insightful questions that will uncover your reader’s perceptions, empowering your writing to speak directly to their needs

Gain active-listening skills to let you focus on how your readers interpret your words.

Learn of new ways to tap into your own experiences and perspective to develop a unique voice that appeals to your readers

Take back a structured & logical writing template so dynamic, you can apply your new writing skills right-away and communicate clearly & effectively to any audience, in any scenario


Key Benefits

Write with intention so your words don’t obscure your ideas.

Develop a compelling business story that will engage your readers

Use persuasive writing techniques to produce powerful proposals, reports, emails, and more.

Articulate complex information clearly and concisely.

Think analytically about your business benefits from your reader’s point of view.

Develop active listening skills to identify your audience’s motivation

Use professional-quality editing and revision techniques to strengthen your writing.

Read complex documents and recognize the highest value take-aways.

Boost your creativity and insight through brainstorming.

Identify and avoid common logical fallacies

Leverage on powerful email subject lines that get your reader’s attention

Know 7 proven ways to write proposals that sell

Gain PowerPoint essentials that will polish your presentation

Apply effective editing strategies to streamline your final documents

Know 10 pompous business words and phrases you should never use

Experience thought-provoking exercises that help you remember key writing techniques

Take home Multiple Intelligence strategies that let you tap into your reader’s learning style

2 Day Training Agenda

2 Day Training Agenda

Session 1 Clear Writing Essentials

The key to clear writing is to lose bad writing habits and embrace a new approach that focuses on the principles of Persuasive Writing. Participants read a business case study and begin the analytical thinking process.

Principles you’ll learn:

• How to read with purpose to uncover essential facts.

• Identify what is important and what to ignore.

• How to develop a clear, focused message for your reader

• The Clarity Principle. The single most important point in writing.

• Four ways to define a clear objective

– How to define expected outcome

• Identify four typical audience types

• How to write to each reader’s perspective


Session 2 Analytical Thinking

The most common mistake business people make is to begin writing without planning. In many companies, business focuses getting things done quickly, rather than getting things done effectively.

Unfortunately, this approach nearly always leads to poor communication & unproductive relationships between managers, staff, clients, and colleagues.

Workshop participants will learn how to examine their messages and topics, analyze options, choose a reader-focused strategy, organize their ideas, and communicate powerfully and persuasively.

You’ll learn to use these thinking tools:

• Plan, write, revise, edit – a 4-step process to help participants think clearly, organize their ideas, focus on their objectives, take less time writing.

• Analytical questions – 29 questions to help you look beyond the obvious.

• Brainstorming – Generate ideas and form logical connections.

• Outlining – Organize your ideas and structure a persuasive document.


Session 3 Analysis Exercises

Participants complete a series of exercises designed to help them examine a situation thoroughly, and ask insightful questions.

Techniques you will learn:

• A 4-step process that’s guaranteed to improve your efficiency.

• Why most writers struggle with writing—and how to avoid struggling.

• Ways to identify and answer your reader’s objections.

• How to tune into what every reader wants to know.

• Practical ways to uncover your real objectives for writing.

• How to keep your words from obscuring your ideas.

• How to address the 4 most common reader attitudes.

• Ways to avoid jargon, clichés and pompous language.

• How to motivate your reader through clear, persuasive writing.

Session 4

Practical On-Site Assignment

Participants will read a given assignment and accompanying article. They will analyze a given scenario, develop ideas, and produce an effective outline.

Session 5 Persuasive Writing

Participants learn the essential skills of persuasive writing. These skills help them plan, structure, and write documents that achieve their desired outcome.

Skills you will learn:

• Four ways to position yourself in the reader’s mind.

• How to write for your reader’s perspective.

• Strategies for communicating complex information clearly and concisely.

• How to develop your own business writing style.

• Persuasive techniques for developing powerful writing• How to create an effective opening statement, purpose, and compelling closing statement.

Argument structure

Participants will learn how to structure an argument, introduce facts, support claims, and make clear recommendations – all essential to persuasive business writing. Argument Exercise

Participants analyze a given business situation and structure an outline for an effective argument.

Techniques you will learn:

• How to identify key issues and problems to be resolved.

• The 5 most common mistakes writers make – & how to avoid them.

• The step-by-step process that guarantees a convincing presentation.

• Insightful questions to help them think and write analytically.


Session 6 Grammar & Mechanics

Now that participants understand how to plan their writing, they’ll learn how to create clear, persuasive ideas and eliminate embarrassing and costly writing mistakes.

Sentences & Paragraphs

The Sentence – People use them every day, but don’t know what they are.

The Paragraph – The document’s rhythm section.

Quantity vs. Quality – How to know when enough is enough.

Style – How to set the right tone for your audience and purpose.

Clarity – What’s clear for the writer is often confusing for the reader

Revision exercises

We’ll look at good and bad examples of style, structure, word choice, and clarity, and we’ll practice transforming confusing writing into clear writing.


Session 7 Analysis Exercises

Each participant will determine purpose, audience, and expected outcome, and write a persuasive document with a clear recommendation. John will walk you through the writing process and help you apply what you learned.

Session 8

Professional Critiques & Q&A

We’ll read the papers and talk about how each participant approached the assignment. Participants will reinforce their skills and help each other through peer critiques

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