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The World’s Leading Negotiation Method – Direct & Exclusive Access With The Principals From Harvard Business School

“The 3-D method captures what I have seen deal-makers take years to perfect”

Stephen Friedman, Former Chairman, Goldman Sachs & Co.


3 & 4 DECEMBER  |  Hilton Singapore

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The 3-D Negotiating concepts that our world-renowned experts impart from the heart of Harvard in Boston, will enable you to become the central person who resolves conflicts every day, communicates with difficult clients or partners, smooths and salvages relationships both in and outside the company, and serves as a trustworthy, knowledgeable leader & deal-maker.

In short: We are teaching you negotiating skills that qualify you for the highest levels in your industry. We will help you lead the most important negotiations, the biggest mega-deals or small & mission critical deals and the most politically sensitive diplomacies.

So add up the advantages and benefits to your career and your personal life that you stand to gain by attending this rare Master Class Negotiation training.

It’s two days that will change your career, even your life.

Greg Barron

Greg Barron

Greg was a Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School from 2004–2010. His extensive training experience includes Negotiation in numerous Executive Education programs, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, Behavioral Approaches to Decision Making as well as the core MBA course in Negotiation. At Harvard, Barron developed business cases and other teaching materials on Negotiation Strategy and Risk.

Upon leaving Harvard Business School Barron came to Lax Sebenius LLC. where he participates in training and advisory engagements in the oil, pharmaceutical, health, real estate and telecom industries and has lead training at international nonprofit organizations.

Barron has published widely and in a variety of academic journals including Psychological Science and Psychological Review. His research is on decision making, focusing on the effects of experience on decisions under risk. His work has been featured in the national and international press and has received the Bruno de Finetti Award from the European Association for Decision Making. Accessible to managers, Barron’s research has appeared in HBS Working Knowledge and in an invited presentation to the International Consumer Product Health & Safety Organization.

Finally, his background includes Group Facilitation and Human Resource Management. He holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science in Management and Industrial Engineering and has been awarded Excellence in Teaching.



Clear & Innovative, 3-D has contributed invaluably to many agreements critical to Novartis
Daniel Vasella

MD. Chairman & CEO, Novartis AG

3-D Negotiation is simply the most sophisticated and practical guide to negotiation ever written. Its many fascinating case studies show you exactly how to apply its powerful method.”

Mathias Doepfner

CEO, Axel Springer

This is a powerful new way of thinking about negotiating. 3-D Negotiation has a profound impact on how we approach deal making in Shell.”

Malcolm Brinded

Executive Director Exploration, Royal Dutch Shell

3-D approach is in use at many levels of the Estee Lauder Companies with excellent results. This down-to-earth approach is packed with striking examples which help us to put [its] methods into practice.”

William Lauder

CEO, The Estee Lauder Companies

Very Unique Benefits

Immerse and master the world renowned 3-D Approach to negotiation adopted by senior executives and top government officials around the world, as well as the top minds at Harvard Business School (HBS), conducted by its creators, flown into Singapore for this workshop.

Master the only negotiation methodology that combines practical corporate experience advising on complex transactions with globally recognised cutting-edge Negotiation knowledge, weaving together finance, corporate strategy, economics and psychology.

Gain a powerful and effective negotiation skill-set leveraged by top managers & government officials.

Obtain analytical and proven negotiating techniques developed at Harvard Business School & Kennedy School of Government

Enhance not only your individual interpersonal effectiveness at the table – the usual process focus of negotiation seminars – but also in substance as designers of deals that create value on a sustainable basis

Become negotiating entrepreneurs, acting away from the table to set up the most promising possible situation for yourself and your company once the face-to-face process begins.

Recognize the key elements of negotiation analysis including group mapping, interest inventorying, no-deal evaluation

Sharpen your ability to divide the economic pie or to protect against others claiming value at your expense

Learn how to identify and unlock potential value in agreements for both sides, in any situation.

Build powerful coalitions to your advantage in complex negotiations involving multiple issues and people

Quickly develop effective approaches to advantageously set and re-set the negotiating stage as and when required.

Become deftly influential and persuasive in eliciting your counterpart’s cooperation.

Inherit the The 3-D skillset, a product of “over 20 years of deal-making experience and collaboration in the highest field of negotiation and is significantly more

2 Day Program Agenda

Session 1

Introduction (Simulation): Challenging assumptions about negotiation.

Session 2

3D Framework (Case discussions): Resetting the negotiation table.

Session Lunch

Working Lunch + Preparation for simulation.

Session 3

Claiming Your Share (Simulation): Negotiation analytics and defensive moves in the face of naïve negotiation or a pure price deal.

Session 4

Creating Valuable Deals (Simulation): Learn to expand the pie with a very hungry counterpart.

Session 5

Case discussion of The Internet Wars. Creating and claiming value in the real world.

Session 6

Communication in Negotiation (Exercise): Tactics for creating value.

Session 7

Influence and Persuasion (Video Analysis): The psychology and practice of getting cooperation. Critique of influential speeches and practice the art of persuasion.

Session 8

Multi-Group / Multi-issue Negotiations: Build and maintain a winning coalition in a complex negotiation.

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